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Singapore, three days before the global launch of Heuer Globetrotter, was fortunate to be able to kick off their exhibition here yesterday, just in time for the Formula One Grand Prix.

Ten different exhibitions will be held simultaneously in 10 cities to celebrate the 150-year history of the Swiss manufacturer. Dubai, sailing and diving; Hong Kong, cars and drivers; Sydney - multisports. Tokyo – design through history. Miami – design. And last but not least, Singapore – Formula One. The exhibitions include: Paris,tag heuer carrera day date replica the classic Heuers, Geneva, the major inventions, Munich, the military watches, Venice, cars and timekeeping, Dubai, sailing and diving, Hong Kong, cars and drivers, Sydney, multisports and Tokyo, design through history, Miami, design, and last but not least, Singapore, Formula One.

The most impressive thing about this exhibition is the fact that tag heuer carrera day date replica chose to work with collectors in each city, to gather the vintage Heuers needed to create the themes.

Singapore's theme was Formula One, so we were treated here to a variety of Heuer chronographs from different seasons in the company's history. The watches on display were stunning.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Replica From the famous Monza to the Autavia, and even an exquisite black dial Dato 45. This suggests that Singapore may have a larger vintage Heuer scene than we think.

The Dato 45

The most amazing thing about the whole event was that tag heuer carrera day date replica ambassador, American actor Patrick Dempsey flew all the way down from Los Angeles to open the Globetrotter exhibit. He was a perfect choice for the event, as he is an avid tag heuer carrera day date replica fan and a racer himself. He has even competed in Le Mans.

He shared that he had bought himself a vintage Monaco watch at the end of Grey's Anatomy, the hit television show.

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