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"Welcome To Scooterville" CD
$12 US Funds $ 4 S&H

Scooter Lee was born and raised in the bayou's of Louisiana. Her Newest CD has memories of her early recordings like the High Test Love CD, Would You
Consider and the Moving On Up CD. Her voice is at it's peak and is the reason her music has kept her on the worldwide stage for over 30 years and no slowing down in sight!

Dances In French

Tulane French * Love Lifted Me French * Amazing Grace I See * I Love You I Do * Break Up Tomorrow Over The Rainbow Cha * Choo, Choo Cha Boogie *

"Welcome to Scooterville" CD
$12 US Funds $4 S&H
$5 S&H International

   Dance Scripts Included with CD
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Choreographers: Jo Thompson Szymanski
   Michele Burton * John Robinson * Joanne    Brady * Michael Barr * Amund Storsveen
   Rachael McEnaney * Maggie Gallagher

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   Song Titles / Dance Sheets Below

 01) Choo, Choo, Cha Boogie - Video
   02) Tulane / Video
   03) Love Lifted Me
/ Video
   04) Amazing Grace / Video
   05) OeeOeeO / Stroll Along Cha
   06) Steppin' Out - WCS / Swedish Boogie

   07) I Love You I Do - Video
   08) Would You Consider
- We do Tush Push
   09) This Love's On Me - Love's On Me
   10) Misty Blue - Nightclub Two Step
   11) Let's Break Up Tomorrow /
12) Over The Rainbow - First Cha Rainbow Video Teach


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