I'm Gonna Love You Forever Coming June 2014
Scooter Lee's New CD "I'm Gonna Love You Forever"

Rachael McEnaney * John Robinson * Jo Thompson Szymanski
Choreographers of New Single, "Let's Have A Party Tonight"

“Old School Bop” and “Let’s Have A Party Tonight” MP3’s available NOW
from Scooter Lee’s New CD I’m Gonna Love You Forever coming end of June 2014.

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Released – "The Old School Bop” High Beginner Dance (Old School Bop by Sue Ann Ehmann)
Released – “Let’s Have A Party Tonight” Low Intermediate
(Let’s Have A Party - by Jo Thompson Szymanski * Rachael McEnaney * John Robinson)
Next Release May 25th - "Hole In The Wall" Intermediate by Jo Thompson Szymanski

Other Songs/Dances on this CD….
01) I’m Gonna Love You Forever - Dance: Jo Thompson Szymanski * Rob Fowler * Rachael McEnaney
02) Life Here On The Farm (The Honeybee Song) - Dance: Jo Thompson Szymanski * Frank Trace * Jamie Marshall
03) Old School Bop - Dance:   Old School Bop Sue Ann Ehmann
04) Somewhere Under The Rainbow - Dance TBA
05) Let’s Have A Party Tonight - Dance:  Let's Have A Party by Jo Thompson Szymanski * John Robinson * Rachael McEnaney
06) Hello Walls – Dance TBA
07) City Put The Country In Me – Dance TBA
08) Take These Chains - Dance TBA
09) Move Across The River - Dance: Move Across The River by Michele Perron
10) Why I Don't Know (w/ Adam McKnight) - Dance: Just For Grins by Jo Thompson Szymanski
11) Someone Must Feel Like A Fool – Dance TBA
12) Hole In The Wall - Dance:   Hole In The Wall - Jo Thompson Szymanski
13) Country Down To My Soul - Dance:   Hot Tamales by Neil Hale
14) This Is My Country, This Is My Flag - Dance:   Patriotic K Step Boogie - Michele Burton * Jo Thompson Szymanski

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