Ms Scooter Lee - Founder

Jo Thompson Szymanski
Founder / Instructor

The Dancing For The Dream Corporation is a 501c3
Nonprofit Senior Health Charity established for the
purpose of promoting health physically & emotionally
for our aging population using line dance as our chosen
form or exercise. Low Impact Line Dancing has been
proven to ease the obstacles of aging if done weekly
and optimum change 3 times a week. It is the third
most popular extra curricular activity in the world
for those over the age of 50:

1) Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels
2) Increases mobility without joint damage
3) Increases balance control and centering
4) Increases bone mass and muscle
5) Aids in effort to lose weight
6) Eases levels of depression
7) Staves off early signs of Alzheimer's

We are changing the perception of aging one line dance
at a time while adding years to your life and life to your years!
Knowledge is the Power YOU need to make change. Please consider donating to our charity to keep us going!

Help us keep you on the dance floor!

Shake It Loose & Dance It Out
with Jo Thompson Szymanski.

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in the privacy of your own home.

Newbies/Aging Line Dancers

Praise Line Dancers #1

Praise Line Dancers #2

Social Line Dance Video #1

Social Line Dance Video #2

World Statistics: 845,000 per month are turning 65 years old around the world with China, USA, UK leading the pack. The need for YOU as a active adult to attend classes showing responsibility for lowering your health costs will be vital to your health as you age. Are you preparing yourself?

The Dancing For The Dream Corporation is a National 501c3 Nonprofit Corporation established for the purpose of promoting health physically and emotionally using line dance as it's chosen form or exercise. Working with those over the age of 50, we host 6 Bootscooter Line Dance Weekends across the USA using line dance as the means to gather statistics on the repercussions of movements during dance (Country Western Line Dance) that hurt or enhance a person's health over the age of 50. We keep track of which level of line dance (Newbie, Beginner, Intermediate or Experienced) will keep long term health. Line dancing has been proven to lower levels of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, increase balance control and centering, increases bone mass and most important; increases mobility without joint damage. Latest stats are line dancing helps to stave off early signs of Alzheimer's.

More important line dancing creates comradery while easing levels of depression that is so vital as we age. We are changing the perception of aging one step at a time while adding years to your life and life to your years!

We hope to be able to provide statistics to the Alzheimer's Foundation, Arthritis Foundation, Diabetes Foundation and the American Heart Association in an effort to validate that line dancing is a valid form of exercise that can and does make a difference for the aging adult. The positive benefits that can be achieved through line dancing three times a week are backed up with testimonials. (Page being created now) Our one day health seminars are limited to 250 line dancers who are active adults / seniors to assure quality control in a training environment. By the end of 2016 over 45,000 active adults had come through the doors of a Dancing For The Dream Seminar/Bootscooter Dance Camp. We have hosted in 23 US States, Vancouver Canada, Singapore, Norway and Malaysia.  

The format and vision used in Dancing For The Dream Seminars are created by World Renown Choreographer and Instructor, Mrs Jo Thompson Symanski (formally of CMT-TV) and International Country Western Touring/Recording Artist Ms Scooter Lee collectively. 
The charity has statistically proven the average age of those attending a Bootscooter Senior Line Dance Camp was 65.5 in 2004 and 68.5 in 2005 - 69 in 2011 - 67 in 2015 and 64.5 in 2021. No, we are not aging backwards. We find more active adults in their 50's, 60's and 70's have joined this rewarding social exercise.

We are not a Line Dance Event - We are a National Nonprofit Health Charity using line dance as our chosen form of exercise thus allowing us to a way to gather statistics on the health benefits that can be achieved from line dancing for Active Adults.

Some 50 Years + Statistics:

We now have over 845,000 each month reaching the age of 65 in the world today.
1) 77% of the USA's Assets are controlled by those 50+.
2) Over $300 Billion in Discretionary Income per year is spent by those 50+.
3) $1 Trillion a year in Goods & Services are spent by those who are 50+.
4) 50% of all Vacation Travel in the USA per year is done by those who are 50+.

Line dancing is the 3rd most popular extra curricular activity in the WORLD, using all rhythms of music. The most popular music used for line dancing is Country Music. Line dancing has kept active adults and seniors dancing for the health of it all over the world. Singapore just broke the Guinness World Book of Records for having over 11,000 line dancers doing the same line dance at the same time. Introducing line dancing to Seniors is creating a way to encourage a more active, healthy lifestyle. Research indicates that regular exercise is necessary to improve and maintain one's quality of life.

Our Vision    

We host 05-07 Bootscooter Dance Camps a year across the USA encouraging active adults to travel and line dance for health and social reasons. Bootscooter Dance Camps are weekends that are all inclusive prices from Friday - Sunday. They include hotel, lunch, three levels of line dance workshops, social dancing along with Health Seminars, Instructors Training Camp, plus Las Vegas Show. These weekends enhance health, ease levels of depression and bring money into the economy on an extra curricular activity basis while reducing costs regarding health issues down the road.
(Tax ID #57-115-5415)

We do not compete with other line dance events -- in fact, we hope to increase our dance community by raising the awareness on all the social and health benefits associated with line dancing. We work hand in hand with local instructors to place these dancers into weekly venues to keep them line dancing after we leave a state. If you are an instructor, please provide us your info for our USA Instructors Map and/or update your current information. Many of our dancers travel and we encourage them to continue dancing when they are traveling, so they need a place to dance, and we hope it can be yours. We also work hand in hand with the National Senior Olympics in the USA / Canada and encourage each State / Province and National Senior Olympic Games to have line dancing added as recognized Olympic Noncompetitive Sport.

Thank you.
Ms Scooter Lee - Founder / CEO / Touring Artist
Jo Thompson - Founder / Choreographer / Dance Consultant

Dancing For The Dream Bootscooter Dance Camp?     

We use Wellness Center Gyms, local Senior Centers or Community Centers/Centres that will hold 200 - 250 Dancers plus tables and chairs. Our registration fee is $55 for one day or $70 for full weekend. This includes two protein snacks, a heart smart lunch, goodie bag plus a 32 page program booklet that includes dance scripts and important health information you will want to know. We have 2-3 lead professional instructors who teach thru out the day with Scooter Lee hosting the day while giving health tips on aging with longevity in mind. Our local instructors are encouraged to help out with the crowd so our line dancers have someone to follow. Our dancers age from 45 - 95 from "never danced to experienced." Our goal is to host these health seminars across the USA and Canada so that we might provide statistics for the government on the health benefits found in line dancing. We cater to those over 50 but welcome any age that wants to learn to line dance at a low impact level. We hold the same license as the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and the Alzheimer's Foundation.

Each person who is registered has a chance at the Grand Prize which is something that will enhance their lifestyle. We start with a warm-up and then lessons begin right at 10am. We do a lesson, dance it twice and then social dance to "across the board common line dances" for 15 minutes then repeat this schedule throughout the day. We provide a "Heart Smart" box lunch of sandwich, chips, soda, water or coffee. We give out the Grand Prize at lunch. We open our 50/50 Raffle at 11am and the winning ticket is called at 3pm where the winner gets half.

We are NOT mainstream, so our dance levels are for Starters - Beginners - Experienced (not to be confused with advanced dancing) Many of our seniors have been dancing for years but don't choose to do high impact dances. As we age, many of us deal with pains, arthritis, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. High impact dances only aggravate these conditions. For this reason, we stay with good, easy, fun-to-learn and fun-to-do low impact dances. We add variations for the more experienced dancer so everyone dances but at his/her level.

We raise money to continue these line dance camps that are heavily populated senior areas as well as states that need what we have to offer but don't have huge line dancing communities. We hope to fund line dancing for those over the age of 50 in senior centers that cannot afford them. We feel that all seniors should have the opportunity to experience what we already know is a great thing, "line dancing". Many of us are blessed with centers that already offer line dancing several times a week while other centers are not so fortunate. We hope to change these statistics in the next few years by hosting nationwide seminars. This provides awareness to secure major sponsorship to take our D4D's to the next level of having more venues and more opportunities for line dancers to pursue their passion - "dancing for the health of it!"

Ms Scooter Lee performs throughout the day and even does a little dancing herself. It ends up being a great day and dancers are so happy that they did not get overwhelmed and were able to learn to dance at the level that suited them.

Our Sponsors have been Blue Cross, AAA Travel, Hampton Inns, Publix Supermarkets, CVS Drugstores, Stop & Shop Supermarkets, Blistex, Holiday Inns, Costco, Sam's Wholesale, Winn Dixie and Quicktrip Convenience Stores of Atlanta.

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