Hooked On Country

Description: 32 Count 4 Wall Line Dance
Level: Intermediate
Choreographer: Jim Ferrazzano
Music: "Hooked On Country" on Scooter's Test Of Time CD

Count Steps

Right Shuffle Back, Left Shuffle Back, Stroll Forward, Kick
1&2 Step Back Right. Close Left Beside Right. Step Back Right
3&4 Step Back Left. Close Right Beside Left. Step Left Back
5-6 Step Forward Right. Step Forward Left
7-8 Step Forward Right. Kick Left Forward

Stroll Back, Ball Cross, Chasses Right With Kicks
9-10 Step Back Left. Step Back Right
11&12 Step Back Left. Step Right Beside Left. Cross Left Over Right
13-14 Step Right To Right Side. Close Left Beside Right
15-16 Step Right To Right Side. Kick Left To Right Diagonal

Chasse Left With Kick
17-18 Step Left To Left Side. Close Right Beside Left
19-20 Step Left To Left Side. Kick Right To Left Diagonal
21-22 Step Right Beside Left. Kick Left Forward
23-24 Step Left Beside Right. Kick Right Forward

Heel & Toe Taps, Step 1/4 Pivot Left, Stomp, Kick
25-26 Tap Right Heel Forward Twice
27-28 Tap Right Toe Back Twice
29-30 Step Forward Right. Pivot 1/4 Turn Left
31-32 Stomp Right Beside Left. Kick Right Forward


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