Board Members

Scooter Lee - Atlanta, Georgia - Artist / Founder / CEO
Certified Gerontologist / Life Coach 2011

32 Years in the Music Business as Song Writer / Active Touring Artist

Publisher: Sony / ATV Music Publisher
Record Label: SuperLine Records
Distributor: Universal Records International

1) Owns and operates International Distribution Company for Audio and Video for dance for past 10 years.
2) Three years with "Georgia Prisons - A New Approach - Dealing with the Repercussions of Child Abuse"
     Created program with Helen Scholes (GA. Superintendent) who helped implement program throughout GA Prisons.
3) Childline Charity - raising funding through media, TV, radio, sales of CD's, Videos and Line Dance Workshops
     throughout the United Kingdom from 1996 - 1999.
4) Last 15 years specializing in writing and recording dance / line dance
5) Last 8 years - researching and specializing in line dance for those over the age of 50.
6) Host of Line Dancing Portion - National Senior Olympics.

Jo Thompson - Founder - Highlands Ranch, CO
Dance Consultant / Choreographer / Instructor
24 Years as Dance Instructor specializing in line dance
BS in Physical Education, Minor in Dance.
Co-Host Line Dancing Portion - National Senior Olympics.

Betty Drummond - Wales / UK

Dancing For The Dream - UK / European Director
Spokesperson for the European / UK Dancing For The Dream, Inc
Linedancer Magazine - Editor and Chief
Southport UK Newspaper(s) 5 - Owner and Editor
Low Impact Line Dance Instructor

Peggy Walker - Corporation Accountant
Associate Tax Consultants, Inc
2754 N Decatur Road, Suite 106
Decatur, GA 30033
Phone: 404-508-8676

Our On Board Permanent Instructors

Michele Burton - Corning, CA
Trained Fitness Specialist / Retired School Teacher
Choreographer / Instructor / Low Impact Specialist

John Robinson - Indianapolis, IN
Low Impact Specialist
Choreographer / Instructor

Michael Barr - Corning, CA
Low Impact Specialist
Choreographer / Instructor